Holas President 2018

Taylor Robillard

Taylor Robillard is responsible for planning, organizing, and overseeing all aspects of the organization. She is an Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies student at Carleton University. Taylor was born in Canada, but has roots in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

“Being a member of HOLAS is being a part of something bigger than yourself; it’s magical. Learning and celebrating the beauty of the Latin American culture with people from all over the world, all while actively aiding in humanitarian initiatives, is the greatest experience I have had in University thus far.”​

Holas Vice President 2018
Vice President

Aiona Santana

The Vice President of HOLAS is Aiona Santana, she is in 2nd year studying a Bachelor of Music and a Minor in Arts Management. As the Vice President of H.O.L.A.S. Aiona does a bit of everything, her position is like a right hand to every single position in H.O.L.A.S. She also steps in when the President needs her to and supervises all events and members.

“H.O.L.A.S. means a big community of people trying to help change the world. Each little thing we do to helps others , play a part in something huge , this is how an impact is made. In H.O.L.A.S it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you don’t have to be Latin American, you just have to have a kind heart and H.O.L.A.S. is the place to spread that kindness.”​

Executive Internal Relations

Santiago Martinez

Santiago is in charge of all the internal relationships between H.O.L.A.S and other clubs and societies at Carleton University. He is currently in second year of a Bachelors degree in Aerospace engineering. He lived in Colombia until he was 13, his family and him moved to Canada to find better work and study opportunities.

“HOLAS has been a place where I have felt like at home. The energy and all around love that is in this group makes it feel like a second family.”​


Executive Public Affairs

Santiago Botero

Santiago Botero’s position is to maintain, enhance and create new relationships with the community outside of campus and HOLAS. Santiago currently pursues an education in business. Santiago moved to Canada in 2006 from Colombia in search for more opportunities and a brighter future.

“H.O.L.A.S is a place where I feel comfortable enough to show my culture and be who I really am. It is also a great opportunity for me to give back to people in Latin American countries that I know truly need a helping hand.”​


Executive Media Specialist​

Andrea Ordonez-Valverde

Andrea Ordonez-Valverde is the media specialist for H.O.L.A.S. She handles everything that has to do with publicity on social media and is the online voice for the organization. She also puts together the monthly newsletter and has the ambition to spread awareness of the upcoming and reoccurring issues in Latin America, she hopes to make the humanitarian organization grow through her expertise in communication and media.

Andrea loves H.O.L.A.S because she believes that it’s inspiring and empowering to come together as students in the goal of making a change in the lives of people who truly need it. H.O.L.A.S. represents her culture, her family is from Peru, her parents had to go through a lot to find a better life outside of their country in a time of terrorism and they came to Canada with nothing but the motivation to push forward and to strive for a better life; Not all people are able to leave their country in a time of uncertainty so with the freedom that her parents gave her by moving to Canada, she aspires to impact the lives of those who remain helpless in Latin America through H.O.L.A.S.​


Executive Advertising Strategist​​

Alisson Carreño

Alisson is in charge of administering marketing products and strategies. Her role is to make sure that all aspects of the organization are known and promoted. She was born in Manta, Ecuador. She moved to Toronto along side her family in 2005, and continues to pursue an education in business at Carleton University in Ottawa.

“H.O.L.A.S establishes an amazing sense of community. Whether it is sharing our Latin American culture, being a home away from home , or coming together to help communities in need. We come together and work to make an impact in our own lives by making an impact in the lives of others .”​


Executive Cultural Events​​

Isabel M Alonso

Isabel is in charge of all of H.O.L.A.S’ cultural events and showing everyone all the amazing Latin American Cultures. She is currently in her second year of Public Affairs and Policy Management ( PAPM). She lived in Cuba until she was 10, and then immigrated to Canada with her family in search of better opportunities. You will constantly see her around various clubs doing humanitarian work.

“I fell in love with HOLAS in my first year Carleton because of the humanitarian aspect of the club and its members. HOLAS is a home away from home. I am glad i’m able to help aid a part of the world that it is very close to my heart which is Latin America. HOLAS is also a great place to share your own culture and gather different perspectives. I have loved teaching others salsa and sharing the spanish language. I am proud to be a a member and an exec of HOLAS because it means that i can help change the world and make a difference in someone else’s life along with wonderful people who share the same common goal. There is a quote that says We make a living by what we get.. But we make a life by what we give, and thus H.O.L.A.S has given me the tools to make a better life for others in Latin America and myself.”

Holas Exec Account Officer 2018

Executive Account Officer​​

Ahmad Taha

​​The Vice President of Finance of HOLAS is Ahmad Taha. He is responsible for overseeing all transactions and finances as well as analyzing the organization with respect to profits and costs to ensure the growth of the association. Ahmad is a 3rd year student studying Mechanical Engineering at Carleton University. He was born in Cairo, raised in Abu Dhabi and is currently living in Ottawa to pursue his education.

“Being a part of HOLAS has been an incredible experience beyond words. The HOLAS family has been very welcoming and has proven to be a very diverse environment. I am proud to be a part of la familia and am thrilled to be continuing my part of VP of Finance within this community.”​


Executive Philanthropic Development​​

Isabel Serna

​​Isabel Serna Moll is dedicated to working hands on with the philanthropic aspect of the organization and with the volunteers that spend their time helping with H.O.L.A.S. She maintains close relations with the executive of public affairs to search and reach out potential sponsors and donors that could improve and benefit the organization.Isabel is currently in her third year of Architectural Design. She was born in Colombia and grew up in the States and Canada.

“Holas has definitely been a platform where I can express my Latin culture to whole another level, it is a true familia, and it truly represents what Latin American culture is annually about, hospitality and reunion. When you are apart of Holas, our purpose and your responsibility is to take care of one another and working together to make any type of change for the people who truly need our help! I love being apart of this familia.”